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This is a MUST for all Stringers and Players! I have designed 7 different versions of StringBlok to create the perfect Blok! I use this everyday on every racquet. I have strung thousands of racquets using StringBlok (lucky version #7) and guess what!

NO CUSTOMER BREAKS! I repeat – NO CUSTOMER BREAKS on the starting knot area.

Ever wonder why strings break at the top cross tie-off?

Your stringer will convince you it’s a miss-hit when in reality it’s a poor string job. It means your stringer used a starting clamp and damaged your strings before the racquet even left their shop. Yes, the strings were damaged before the racquet left the shop – and badly!

What non-stringers do not know is that most stringers use “starting clamps” to secure the top cross until the knot is tied. This is the advanced way to string (no starting knot). This technique damages all strings by crimping the string under extreme pressure from a triple-clamp (aka starting clamp). We stringers know the damage this technique creates because we see the damage and we can feel the damage of the string. This damaged string is then hidden under the guise of the tie-off-knot. Stringers use that damaged string to tie-off the top cross. Bottom line – the damaged string is 100% part of your string bed and EXTREMELY susceptible to premature breakage!

Do the test yourself. Triple clamp LXN 4G Soft, LXN ALU PWR, Wilson Natural Gut….or any string for that matter. They ALL crimp and they are all weakened and damaged. StringBlok ensures no damaged string is used in the string bed….NEVER! This means you stay on the courts!

Let’s Discuss Dynamic Tension or (DT)

No impact on DT! No issues with DT! No change in your technique other than sliding the string through the Blok and CLAMPING. It’s that simple! StringBlok has no impact on dynamic tension – it’s a pro stringers best friend.

StringBlok is so easy to use and will ensure stringing perfection, customer satisfaction and consistency. As a pro stringer, consistency, consistency, consistency is the key to perfection. The design of StringBlok “clamps” the string away from the frame allowing the stringer to tie-off with clean, non-damaged string. It’s the perfect length if your grommet is one-two-three grommets away. Remember – the closest “tie-off” grommet to the cross ensures the best dynamic tension.

The “Lucky Version #7” StringBlok will perfect your stringing. You will never use damaged strings in your client’s string bed (or your own string bed for that matter). You will string a string bed that is 100% free of the damage caused by starting clamps. You will never blame the player for your errors – no more “you must have miss-hit the ball – that’s the reason it broke up there.” We all heard that excuse many times. I created StringBlok alongside wood craftsmen in Riviera Beach, Florida. The mega-yacht builder’s capital of the world. We tested all types of woods and ended up with the strongest – African Mahogany. We precision cut the radius to fit every racquet head/beam. We cut and tested seven versions of StringBlok. StringBlok works on every racquet every time!

We all know there are other “items” in the industry that claim certain things like protecting the frame from damage caused by the clamps (when tying that top-cross string).  StringBlok PROTECTS THE FRAME 100% and PROTECTS THE STRINGS 100%.

I need to repeat that. StringBlok PROTECTS THE FRAME 100% and PROTECTS THE STRING 100%.  You will cut the “damaged” string out of the string-bed every time.  PERIOD!

StringBlok will be the best tool in your toolbox.  Players – take StringBlok with you and demand your stringer strings you the correct way – with no damaged strings.